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Welcome to Mrs Radfad Drinks Tea – tea and tisane reviews with heart(s). Join me as I fumble my way through the enormous world of tea and infusions, from English Breakfast teabags, to traditional Japanese Sencha, through Argentinian Yerba Mate and aged Chinese Pu’erh (or however I’m spelling it today), probably ending up with something mixed with roses and lavender at bedtime. Although the tea may be gifted, all my opinions are my own. I post daily on my Instagram if you fancy seeing a lot more tea, including café reviews and teamail from all over the world, and sometimes video stories about cats I don’t own.

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  • ESTATE TEA CO Instagram Giveaway! (UK ONLY)

    6th Apr 2020 by

    (prize provided by Estate Tea Co) Many (years?) days ago, when the world was different, I cheekily asked Tom at the Estate Tea Co if I could give away some of their tea to celebrate receiving the internet approval of 1,500 of you lovely humans. Then, some things happened. Scary things. I myself have used… Read more

  • Baihao Yinzhen Silver Needle White Tea by Pure Chinese Tea

    7th Mar 2020 by

    (Gifted for review purposes) Special mention to the knowledgeable and kind Teaisawish for support and advice  Okay teaple, let’s get fuzzy with some Fuijan Silver Needle tea, sent to me by the very lovely Pure Chinese Tea. This is my first ever pure silver needle, so please bear in mind I’m even more of a… Read more

  • MounTea by Rada Tea

    2nd Mar 2020 by

    All you lovely teaple can currently get 30% off any order from Rada Tea by using code MRSRADFAD30 at checkout – (if you choose to use this code, I will receive a small commission 🙂 (Gifted for the purposes of review) Merry Spring! Well, kind of, it’s the second day of March, so I’m saying… Read more

  • Zingy-T by Infuzology

    18th Feb 2020 by

    Infuzology are currently selling a Turmeric Tea Tasting Pack on their store for £5 (plus P&P), so if you like the sound of their blends but aren’t sure which one to pick, you can try them all for a steal! (I don’t receive any commission on this, I just think it’s a really good deal!)… Read more

  • Lemon + Ginger by CuppaSenses

    11th Feb 2020 by

    (Gifted for purposes of review) Well tea-ple, I’ve been away from the blog for a little while, partly through standard winter poorliness, and what better to pep me back up in than this pure Lemon + Ginger infusion by Cuppasenses. Cuppasenses are a husband and wife team, Carole and Ian, based in Fareham, UK, so… Read more

  • Da Hong Pao by Pure Chinese Tea

    19th Jan 2020 by

    (Gifted for purposes of review) Once upon a time on Instagram, Pure Chinese Tea reached out to me and asked me if I’d like to sample three teas from their site. My uneducated ass picked, not at random, but three that would be sufficiently different to get a good cross section.  Lovely Yeti advised me… Read more

  • Keemun Black Tea by Lynch’s Brew

    14th Jan 2020 by

    (Gifted for purposes of review) Looook, more delicious, single origin black tea, coming atcha, this time from Anhui province of China. Keemun or Qimen tea is a milder black tea than something like bolshy Assam, but don’t assume that mild is code for lacking in taste… This lush Keemun is sold by Lynch’s Brew, a… Read more

  • English Breakfast, Pure Ceylon Black Tea by Ceylon Teabox

    4th Jan 2020 by

    (Tea gifted for purposes of review) Use the code WELCOME for 20% off your first order at Ceylon Teabox, who also sell adorable personalised teapots (I don’t get commission on this one, I just like sharing codes) Happy new year Teaple! It’s New Year, Same Mrs Radfad Nonsense, so let’s get started with a rich… Read more

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