RefreshmenTea by Rada Tea

(Tea gifted for review)

(Edit 02/03/20:) All you lovely teaple can currently get 30% off any order from Rada Tea by using code MRSRADFAD30 at checkout – (if you choose to use this code, I will receive a small commission 🙂

I’m such a sucker for lavender, so when Rada Tea sent me a selection to try earlier this week, I couldn’t resist dipping into Refreshmentea first 😍.

The combination of mint and lavender when you open the bag is so enticing, and look at that loose leaf! I had to pick up a full rosehip to show you, I love an infusion that shows off its fruit, and when you’re making tea in small batches as Rada does, you can use whole ingredients like this rather than crushing them to try and ensure there’s a little in every bag.

Another thing I noted is FINALLY a tea company that doesn’t want me to boil my hibiscus 😂👍. The recommended temperature for this infusion is 90°c and I think that’s perfect for releasing the taste of hibiscus without it becoming too sour.

The infusion itself is a beautiful pink, with aromas of mint, hibiscus and lavender. It has an edge of tartness from the hibiscus and rosehips, that wakes up your taste buds, then a roundness of herbs.

I could see myself steeping this with sparkling water or a good quality lemonade in the summer, but as the temperatures plummet, I think I’ll enjoy the rest of my sample as a beautiful hot (but not boiling!) infusion.

* To be fully transparent, I will earn a small commission if you choose to use this code. Also this review was written before I was offered a code, ha!


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