Hi, I’m Mrs Radfad

Hello and welcome to my tea-blog. If you’re not here directly from my instagram, well, I don’t quite know how you found me, but allow me to introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Mrs Radfad – ah, you already knew that.

I’m a mid thirties English woman who really enjoys drinking tea, and for some reason or another, has been lucky enough so that people on Instagram seem to enjoy reading my posts about drinking tea, to the point where people now ask me to drink THEIR tea. Which I am super happy to do.

But given that a lot of these tea makers would really like potential tea drinkers to be able to read a tea review for more than a day (I imagine, no one has actually said anything), and Instagram is an ever flowing torrent of information whose algorithm is an unknowable nightmare, I’ve decided to set up a little camp by the side of this raging river to give my “brand collaborations” (yes, I do fancy myself a post modern ironic hashtag-teafluencer. At least it started ironically, it seems to actually be fun now) more of a steady home. People work very hard on their signature blends, and have been kind enough to reach out to me, so I’d like to honour that.

If you’d like to dip your toe into the waters of my Instagram, I can be found anthropomorphising tea, eating cake and making friends with my neighbours’ cats every day.

If you’re a tea brand who would like to arrange a collaboration, feel free to slide into my DMs or if you’re feeling more professional than that, I can be reached at mrsradfad@gmail.com


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