Mindfulness by Rada Tea

(Gifted for purposes of review)

(Edit 02/03/20:) All you lovely teaple can currently get 30% off any order from Rada Tea by using code MRSRADFAD30 at checkout – (if you choose to use this code, I will receive a small commission 🙂

This is my second Rada Tea review, but the first since I decided to launch a longer form blog, so allow me to add a little background flair now I am UNRESTRAINED by the Instagram character limit.

Rada Tea is a pretty youthful tea company, as tea companies go, having launched their UK site at the beginning of October 2019 – however, the insta-cool kids have been in the know for a few months now, as Rada were determined to perfect their blends before launch, by giving out small samples and getting feedback from the tea community.

Rada Tea explain on their website that they were “… Struggling to find a good quality tea, that is caffeine free and also plastic free…” and taking inspiration from the passion for tea that their grandmas passed down to them, set off on a mission to create small batch teas, made from herbs and fruits sourced from farmers around Europe.

Mindfulness is super en vogue at the moment, largely because it’s an incredibly powerful tool in the fight back against the ridiculous over scheduling and over stimulation of modern life, and partly because like the word “smurf” you can use it anywhere.

Onto the tea tasting 😍🥰.

I was at first a little taken aback by the steeping time of this blend – 10-15 minutes can sometimes be the amount of time I take to brew, drink and wash up after a cup of tea, but then I figured, isn’t that half the point. The description on the website specifically says it is “made to give you that ‘me time’ you need to balance your inner peace”.

I wouldn’t advise cutting the steep, either. The ingredients listed for this tea are peppermint, camomile (or however we’re spelling it today), aniseed, fennel and lingonberry – I would say this is a mildly flavoured tea, with peppermint and camomile being the dominant notes. My first steep was for 12 minutes (I’m very impatient) with 90 degree celsius, filtered water, and since that I have left it for the full 15 – I like a minty mint – plus I wouldn’t say that there’s anything you could “spoil” by oversteeping.

Take that full 15 minutes to yourself – if you’re looking to purchase a tea called Mindfulness, you didn’t pick it by accident. Even if you can only slow down a little bit, it’s a little bit more than you might have otherwise.

Overall, I think though I’m more drawn to the razzle dazzle of RefreshmenTea, Mindfulness has a calm serenity, especially with those softer camomile and fennel notes, and longer steep time, that suits a more introspective, reflective tea session.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

To be fully transparent, I will earn a small commission if you choose to use this code. Also this review was written before I was offered a code, ha!

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