Lynch’s Breakfast Brew by Lynch’s Brew

(Gifted for purposes of review)

Existing in part to prove that adorable branding and cracking tea can exist in the same sphere, Lynch’s Brew are a family run tea and coffee company, based in Newquay, Cornwall. After I stopped picturing Newquay in summer (strategically erasing the crowds of beach-goers obv) and sighing happily, I got to steeping. 

I had a lovely little lemur friend to help me with my brewing too… I call her Maddie (after Madagascar), and she arrived with my samples. Lemurs are very dear to the Lynch family, and at present, 5% of all their sales are donated to Lemur Love, a non-profit organisation that works towards lemur conservation and empowering local women’s groups in Madagascar. Can’t beat some chari-tea, especially with free UK shipping.

Lynch’s Breakfast Brew is the family’s signature black tea breakfast blend. It’s a CTC tea (crush, tear, curl), not a traditional loose leaf, but it carefully hand packed into 100% cotton, sustainable tea-bags (I know it’s not the point, but they feel super plush, I could practically sleep on them), so you won’t find any dust here. The Lynchs’ use a special recipe of Ceylon, Assam and Kenyan teas, and have designed the blend to be slightly on the stronger side to give you a good boot up the bum in the morning – which I for one, definitely appreciate.

Maddie checking for dust – none here!

I’ve tried this tea in a few configurations – with and without milk, and different steeping times, as the suggested steep time is 3-6 minutes – that’s pretty wide for a CTC black tea bag, and I like to be thorough (and I like to drink a lot of tea). 

I haven’t come upon a configuration I don’t enjoy yet (pictured is 4 mins, no milk), but my absolute favourite is 5 minutes, and with a dash of milk. The quality of the tea allows it to handle this longer steep (I’m definitely one to object to a bitter black tea, and this blend just doesn’t go there), and develop that fuller, stronger depth – it’s almost wide – and the small amount of milk just smooths the tannins into a bold, rich, gorgeous brew. It’s big, but refined. I want to curl around it like a cat. Or perhaps like a lemur.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


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