Keemun Black Tea by Lynch’s Brew

(Gifted for purposes of review)

Looook, more delicious, single origin black tea, coming atcha, this time from Anhui province of China. Keemun or Qimen tea is a milder black tea than something like bolshy Assam, but don’t assume that mild is code for lacking in taste…

This lush Keemun is sold by Lynch’s Brew, a family run business based in Newquay, Cornwall, in South West England, which makes me jealous every time I think of them. While we also have cracking surfing up here in the North East (I’m told), we also have, um, much fresher winds. Lynch’s Brew are also into some lovely chari-tea, and at the moment 5% of their sales are donated to non-profit Lemur Love. If you’d like to read more about Lynch’s Brew and Lemur Love (who also seek to empower Madagascan women with their work), you can head to my previous blog post (also because their Breakfast Brew is now one of my must-have teas).

But onto the Keemun!

Despite being relatively youthful in terms of Chinese tea (it started to be grown in Anhui in 1875), it is now included in Top 10 Chinese Tea lists along with classics such as Silver Needle and Anxi Tieguanyin, so she’s precocious. 

The dry leaf appears quite dark and woody, and the aroma reminds me of a good small bookstore, fresh but inviting. 

Why yes, I’m still enjoying have macro features on my new phone

As for steeping – if I’m feeling thrifty with my tea and rich with my time, I can push for three infusions out of this gorgeous leaf. I tend to brew for 2 minutes on the first, 3-4 on the second and 5-6 on the third, western style – I haven’t had a chance to sit down for gong-fu unfortunately, but I see no reason why it couldn’t be enjoyed in that manner, as the milder flavours of unroasted almonds, and notes of almost honey richness, are really worth savouring. The second infusion is the sweetest! 

I don’t think lemurs can drink tea, Maddie

This is my second tea from Lynch’s Brew, and I’ve got to say, I just love small UK companies bringing the good good tea. I’ve seen some other tea-people online getting to taste other blends, and I’ve not seen a bad word out there. Fabulous! Plus, all their UK shipping is freeee, which, love. 

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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  1. I bet this makes for a great morning cuppa

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