Lemon + Ginger by CuppaSenses

(Gifted for purposes of review)

Well tea-ple, I’ve been away from the blog for a little while, partly through standard winter poorliness, and what better to pep me back up in than this pure Lemon + Ginger infusion by Cuppasenses.

Cuppasenses are a husband and wife team, Carole and Ian, based in Fareham, UK, so yes, this is another tea company making me jealous with their southern exposure and no doubt cracking summer weather. They’re highly active in local markets and craft fairs around the south coast, selling hand blended herbal infusions, and also carrying a lovely range of bath bombs (lavender too, ooooh). 

So on with the tea tasting!

Straight off the bat, the main thing that draws me in with this Cuppasense tisane, is the aroma. The smell that greets you upon opening the bag is rich and strong, and that has to be down to the quality of the ingredients used. The ratio of ginger to lemon is 40:60, and that warming presence from the large, dust-free chunks of spice is equal parts reassuring and inviting. You can clearly see what you’re infusing, and that’s always a massive plus for me. 

I steeped this tea, on several occasions, for the recommended time of 5 minutes. Now, for me, I don’t think I’d leave it any longer than that. Lemon is a sour fruit, and this brew does not contain any added sugar, although there is nothing stopping you from adding your preferred sweetener (I think honey or agave goes nicely with the classic flavours). If you’re looking to drink it unsweetened, and you don’t necessarily like too much citrus zip, I think you could reduce the steeping time by a minute or two and still have a fresh, warming and fruity beverage. 

Definitely perfect for this chilly, blustery, cough and coldy time of year, I will keep it near me at all times, enjoying the benefits of these quality traditional ingredients. 

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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2 thoughts on “Lemon + Ginger by CuppaSenses

  1. This sound like it would be great for when you are sick! It will probably work wonders for a sore throat

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    1. Definitely, a real comfort in this horrid weather too!

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