Zingy-T by Infuzology

Infuzology are currently selling a Turmeric Tea Tasting Pack on their store for £5 (plus P&P), so if you like the sound of their blends but aren’t sure which one to pick, you can try them all for a steal! (I don’t receive any commission on this, I just think it’s a really good deal!)

(Gifted for purposes of review)

Dearest tea-ple, it’s time for some more Infuzology magic. If you don’t already know about this lovely pair of small-batch tea producers who reside in the north-east, near me, with the cold, wind and the hazardous fences (don’t ask), allow me to reprise an excerpt from my review of their last new blend in November…

“Infuzology are a family run start-up, dedicated to using quality, natural herbs and spices to both enhance your drinks, cooking and your health. Their products are developed by Marek, an incredible chef (well, the food pictures on instagram look amazing) with a degree in food science and nutrition, and their range is super versatile, based, as it is, around pure herbs and spices.”

If you’d like to find out more about their other blends, and my homework around turmeric, I have previously reviewed their loose blend Versatili-T for the blog, as well as their hand packed, plastic-free tea bags Sunshine-T and Good Fettle-T on Instagram.  You can also have a poke around their own Instagram, which is maintained by the lovely Jemma, social media and marketing boffin of this wonderful pair. 

Now back to Zingy-T! A brand new blend for this new year, containing double-strength turmeric of course, but also hibiscus, ginseng and sencha green tea, amongst other peppy ingredients, including indeed black pepper, which is so important in aiding the absorption of curcumin, which is the active ingredient of turmeric. 

As with all Infuzology’s bagged blends, this comes in hand packed corn-fibre bags, tied with string, so no nasty plastics in your brew. Also, as with all decent turmeric blends, you do not want to get this on your white instagram backdrop, so take care, we’re dealing with double-strength turmeric and it does not play. 

I’m carefully balancing this teabag on a small tasting cup because, turmeric and white 🤣🧡

The packet instructions for this blend are to allow it to infuse for at least 5 minutes, at 100 degrees celsius. Those who are playing Mrs Radfad bingo might like to get your dobber ready, as I am about to repeat that I don’t like to boil my hibiscus. Being a good homework girl, I checked with Infuzology as to whether the blend is safe to consume at a slightly lower temperature, because it does say on the back of the pack that it’s important to use boiling water. Jemma confirmed that the turmeric itself is heat treated so there’s no nasties there, and the advice is a recommendation for food safety purposes, so I chose to be a rebel and use slightly cooler water for my later cups. Also, it should be noted that this is something I always do with teas that contain hibiscus, I just don’t usually have a direct conduit to the manufacturer to ask for more info. 

Because I am a thorough teasearcher I have had cups of this lovely infusion at both 100 and 90, and I will say it’s enjoyable at both temperatures. As the blend is not purely hibiscus, the other flavours surround it and unlike some fruit teas where you’re relying on hibiscus to carry the brew, this recipe is balanced enough to incorporate the fruity tartness with the spices and herbs. Obviously, as with the other Infuzology turmeric blends, if you’re not a turmeric fan, then you were probably never destined to get along, but the warm, rich earthy nature mixed with the zip of the other ingredients makes Zingy-T a fabulous addition to the range for me. Plus there’s rose in it and it brews pink!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


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