MounTea by Rada Tea

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Merry Spring! Well, kind of, it’s the second day of March, so I’m saying it technically counts! To get us all in the mood for sunshine and adventures, let’s get better acquainted with MounTea by the lovely Rada Tea, which is a pure herbal infusion made of Ironwort (Sideritis), more commonly known as Greek mountain tea. 

According to my main source of wisdom, the first page of Google, mountain tea grows mostly in the gorgeous Mediterranean, and the native plant is found at elevations of over 1000 metres, hence the colloquial name. It was known to ancient Greeks, including Hippocrates, (y’know, that dude with the oath), and has been used in traditional medicine and as a tea ever since. 

(If you’d like to find out more about Rada Tea and their origins, please see my previous review of their lovely herbal blend Mindfulness)

And with that explosion of knowledge, on with the tea review…

Upon opening a pack of MounTea, you are greeted with a beautiful flash of green – I wasn’t expecting to see such freshness in a tea pack, but then Rada do always bowl me over with their herbal ingredients. (Slight warning for anyone with trypophobia, the flowering heads of sideritis, when cut in a certain way, can give that classic look that I know freaks some people out – I rejected one of my photos on that basis.) 

The steeping time is long, 10-12 minutes, but as with other Rada Teas, you’re working with pretty whole, fresh ingredients – there are no fannings or dust to speed up that brewing time. That said, some Pukka tea bags say to steep for 10-20 minutes, herbal tea even from the high street isn’t a speedy affair. 

The liquor is a clear gold, with a light, mildly sweet aroma. My main tasting note is, now bear with me – “everything good about mint tea but without the mint”. And no matter how many times I taste this tea, I can’t seem to sum it up better than that. I didn’t look up the flavour of this tea before I wrote my initial notes, as I don’t like to cloud my judgement, and the description on the website of “slightly earthy, with just a hint of citrus and mint” is pretty spot on and would have definitely gotten stuck in my head. But the negatives of a mint tea sometimes – the heft of them, the almost drying qualities, the dankness –  none of that is here. This is light and mild and delicious. And caffeine free, so I’m off for another cup… 

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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