The Complete Matcha Gift Set by The Tea Makers of London


As the nights draw in, Christmas shopping begins in earnest and Black Friday emails start to arrive in your inbox, allow me to introduce stunning matcha gift set that you can get your hands on without having to queue outside any shopping centres at 6am (although, come to think of it, matcha would definitely make that early start easier!). And to find out how you can get 15% off your first purchase with The Tea Makers of London and make this set even more of a bargain, keep reading to the end of the blog!

The complete matcha kit & gift box

I feel utterly privileged to be involved in this review, because as you can see just from the initial photos, this set has been put together by people who care about the aesthetics, craft and experience of creating matcha. 

This traditional matcha gift set (there are three available, more on that later) is modelled around a traditional ceremonial theme, and includes a hand-crafted Japanese ceramic chawan/matcha bowl, a bamboo whisk (or “chasen”) with ceramic stand, and a bamboo chashaku/tea scoop, as well as 40g of the Ceremonial Grade Matcha in a double sealed metal caddy.

Unboxed and ready for action

For those who are uninitiated, it can be a little intimidating to enter the world of matcha – some people may have even been put off by pre-mixed, canned, bitter or over-sweetened versions they may have encountered on the road to matcha bliss. To help explain how this fresh and vibrant drink should taste, The Tea Makers have put together a helpful guide on what does matcha taste like. The Ceremonial Grade Matcha included in the gift set is grown in Ise Bay, Mie Prefecture, a well respected tea growing region in Japan with fantastic conditions and rich, fertile soil –  and is a vibrant green with a sweet and rounded vegetal taste. 

That I could take a picture of this with my non-dominant hand shows how good a scoop this is

I’m a pretty big matcha fan, so I have used a bamboo whisk to make matcha previously, but I have to admit that my previous “chawan” was actually a ceramic serving bowl bought from a well-known high street retail chain, so funnily enough I’ve had mixed results with my preparation in the past – and now I’ve used a proper vessel, I know I definitely did not have the right amount of space. This beautifully glazed and generously sized bowl has a 400ml capacity, and the sturdiness to allow for some good firm “m” shaped whisking to produce a foamy and thoroughly enjoyable tea.

Video of chawan so you can appreciate the hand-glazing ❤
A foamy bowl of matcha

There’s something about the traditional set that speaks to me, incorporating the mindful ritual into the making of the tea –  but if the person you might like to buy for (or you. if you’re seeking suggestions to share with your partner/parents/bestie/generous and thoughtful pet) is more of a modern matcha maven, you might feel more drawn to the Modern Ceremonial Gift Set which comes with handy pre-measured sachets and an electric whisk – all the taste, half the time, and the whisk is also perfect for making foamy and luxurious matcha lattes. The third version is the Organic Ceremonial set, which includes the more traditional tools, a white glazed chawan, and 40g of The Tea Makers Organic Ceremonial Grade matcha, (which won two stars at the Great Taste Awards, hark at her!).

For added convenience and less trips to the post office at Christmas, which is something everyone can get behind, The Tea Makers will wrap any gift set for an additional £2.50, and include a very luxurious gold foil gift card for an extra shiny pound, so you can send it directly to your favourite person! More time to enjoy a cup of tea!

So shiny, so foil (example gift card)

If you’d like to enjoy 15% off your first purchase from The Tea Makers Of London, including any of their wonderful selection of tea gift sets, you can head to their website and scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up for the newsletter (I will not receive any commission for you doing this, it’s simply a bargain!)

(While this blog post is sponsored content, my words and opinions are my own ❤️ ) 



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