Easy Glass Teapot by The Tea Makers of London


Easy Glass Teapot and two fun herbal blends to brew in it

It’s not every day that I get to write about something that has made my tea drinking life genuinely easier, although if you caught my review of The Tea Makers Flowering Tea Gift Set you will have already had a sneak preview of how much I enjoy this Easy Glass Teapot – and keep reading to find out how to get 15% off your first order ❤️!

The lovely team at The Tea Makers of London also sent me two of their herbal blends to try while demonstrating this easy and photogenic teapot – Eden Bliss, with green honeybush, rose & mistletoe, and their collaboration blend with the charity SANE – a fruity yet relaxing chamomile with coconut, orange & fennel, with 100% of the profits heading to aid SANE in the work that they do to support mental health in the UK, which is more important than ever.

First things first though, some important facts to help us get to know this teapot better. She’s made from hand-blown borosilicate glass – now what is borosilicate glass, I hear you cry (or perhaps internally ponder)? Well, you might recognise it with a two syllable brand name that classically makes cookware – this glass uses a special additive that means it can much better withstand a big temperature change without danger of shattering – in fact a change of up to 165℃ (300 degrees in old money), meaning it’s statistically unlikely while making tea that we’re ever going to have an issue (unless you’re making tea outdoors in the Arctic, in which case I have some questions).

A Teapot: In Two Parts

So, science lesson over, onto her measurements – this teapot is generously proportioned, with a capacity of 800ml – 4 fancy cups of tea or 2 big, comforting mugs.  You can also pick up a smaller version, which comes with a capacity of 450ml. The larger version, shown in my pictures, is about 12.5 cm tall and 10.5 cm wide, whereas the smaller brother is 10cm x 10 cm. Both are microwave safe, without the metal lid on of course.

Close up of the easy to clean filter/lid

And now we come to my favourite feature of this teapot, and the reason it has become my preferred brewing vessel – the cleaning. As I mentioned in my previous blog, up until now I have been using a metal basket infuser for small amounts of tea, or a French press/cafètiere for larger amounts. Both of these are a pain to clean regularly, to the point where Mister Radfad refuses to wash the basket infuser, because you think you’ve rinsed all the spent tea out, but there’s always more left in. And to clean a cafètiere filter thoroughly, it needs to be disassembled. Well fear no more, because the Easy Glass Teapot has only two parts, (and I don’t recommend attempting to disassemble either of them) – the glass pot with nice slidey sides for easy emptying, and the lid/filter made from stainless steel (with a food grade plastic lining to stop it heating up too much) and an attached silicone stopper to keep it nice and snug – all you need to do is pour, empty and rinse, which is have neatly modelled for you in the video below

How to use and clean the Easy Glass Teapot –
(featuring my exquisite elbow length washing up gloves)

No muss, no fuss, and you get to watch your tea brewing too, which whether it’s a beautiful herbal infusion or a flowering tea, is always a bonus.

Don’t ever let them tell you I’m not an ARTIST, darling

If you’d like to enjoy 15% off your first purchase from The Tea Makers Of London, including any of their selection of tea ware, you can head to their website and scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up for the newsletter (I will not receive any commission for you doing this, it’s simply a bargain!)

(While this blog post is sponsored content, my words and opinions are my own ❤️)










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