Tea-Inspired, Scented Candle Compendium by The Tea Makers of London


We’re stepping a little out of the “tea-zone” today, but remaining firmly in the world of tea, warmth and comfort, to review some of the new range of tea-inspired, scented candles from The Tea Makers of London

These candles are a new introduction for this year, and as a lover of all things cosy, I think they are such a great fit for an evening-in crafting or quiet afternoon of reading that a good many of us in the tea community crave. 

There’s a range of five scents, inspired by Great Taste Award winning teas – the three included in the gift set are Matcha, Jasmine and Chai, which I will cover in more depth below, with the range rounded out with the citrus & pepper notes of the Classic Earl Grey, and light, muscatel First Flush Darjeeling candles, inspired by The Tea Makers Ceylon based Supreme Earl Grey and luxurious First Flush Darjeeling house blend respectively. 

The Refreshing Jasmine candle is inspired by the Natural Jasmine Green Tea Blend, and smells like a summer breeze, to reference a song that might date me a little. I would say it’s definitely the candle that most closely mirrors the taste of the tea, enveloping you in a delicate jasmine scent, with some gentle spice and leafy notes. 

I’m not giving you any internet points for guessing the tea that inspired the Ceremonial Matcha candle – it is indeed the Tea Makers Ceremonial Matcha that I was lucky enough to review last year. This is a more contemplative and calming scent for me, and reminds me of a quiet and luxurious lobby of a spa hotel – a clean, fresh nose with some deeper notes of musk (and is that cedar?). Perfect for accompanying a morning of stretching and mindful matcha-whisking. 

Rounding up the trio, and the candle I was most excited to try, is the Cinnamon Spiced Chai Candle – what a perfect cosy complement to either the Authentic Masala Chai, made with rich assam and traditional spices, or the Chai of Madagascar (pictured), a twist on the original with green honeybush, orange and vanilla. This candle is complex and rich, and while it contains cinnamon, it’s not an overwhelming note – the sum total is much more earthy rather than being sugary. 

The elves over at The Tea Makers also have a lovely blog, and you can find an in-depth journal entry covering the story behind each scent here.

Each candle in this trio is made and poured in the UK from natural wax (which isn’t vegan friendly, but doesn’t contain any nasty paraffins), and housed in a reusable/recyclable metal tin, weighing in at 80g – they can also be purchased separately in a 220g/300ml size. With good candle care (e.g. ensuring the first burn is even to avoid tunnelling), the 80g size will offer 18 hours of delightful burn time, or 40 hrs for the 220g glass jar candles. 

If you’d like to enjoy 15% off your first purchase from The Tea Makers Of London, including any of their selection of tea scented candles or the Great Taste Award winning teas that inspired them, you can head to their website and scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up for the newsletter (I will not receive any commission for you doing this, it’s simply a bargain!)

(While this blog post is sponsored content, my words and opinions are my own )

Sources: https://www.theteamakers.co.uk/collections/tea-scented-candles/products/set-of-3-tea-scented-candle 






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