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Sometimes it’s fun for Mrs Radfad to talk about herself in the third person.

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Mrs Radfad started her interest in tea at age 12, when a relative gave the family a box of Twinings Earl Grey, Darjeeling and Assam for Christmas. Having been making cups of twice sugared PG Tips for her parents for an irresponsible number of years, and not seeing much special about the beverage, the reverence behind the preparation of these more “special” teas and their wildly different flavours was intriguing.


Fast forward to 2019, when a moderate collection and naïve interest, plus watching far too many Simplynailogical videos on YouTube (Cristine is the David’s Tea Queen) while suddenly unwell and waiting for medical appointments/test results/medication to work, fanned the fledgling flame of my tea curiosity into the body of instagram and (hopefully soon) blog posts you see before you.

Tea has been a mindful practice, a comfort, a hobby and a way of meeting a wonderful community of kind, warm hearted and supportive people, who also share a near fanatical desire for anything that comes in leaf form.

Come for the tea reviews, hopefully stay because you find me as hilarious as I do, or because you can take comfort in a slow paced pastime that requires nothing more of you than to sit in peace with your kettle.

Love from,

Mrs Radfad x

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