Artisan Flowering Tea Bulbs Gift Set by The Tea Makers of London


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Artisan Flowering Tea Bulbs Gift Set unboxed

As I type this, it’s DEFINITELY Christmas shopping season – the supermarkets and gift shops around me are full of ideas for friends and family – but what to get the tea lover who has everything? Or the person who loves a-e-s-t-h-e-t-i-c-s and a bit of pageantry? (Or my mother in law actually, come to think of it…). I also spoke about the ethics of The Tea Makers in my previous blog, so you can rest easy knowing that while you get to treat someone, you’re buying from a family-run company doing the utmost to ensure they are carbon neutral and using environmentally friendly packaging whenever possible.

The view that greets you upon opening the box

The Artisan Flowering Tea Bulbs Gift Set that I was sent to try out, retails for £39.95 and contains 10 Great Taste award winning tea bulbs (2 of each type) and an 800ml mouth-blown, borosilicate glass teapot so you can watch them joyously bloom. The gift set comes packaged in a gorgeously embossed box, almost too good to cover in wrapping paper. 

Beauty shot of that packaging
I’d like this as wallpaper

Flowering tea is a relatively new invention – while the sources aren’t super concrete, and Gong Yi Hua Cha, (literally translated to Art Flower Tea), may have had origins in the 10th century Yunnan Province, it’s believed to have inhabited this current form since the 1990s, as a creation of Yun Xue Tong of the Fujian Province, who was hoping to appeal to fans of floral teas. 

A Lily Heart tea bulb, before steeping

I was surprised to find that there were 5 different types of flowering tea within this pack, 10 bulbs in total – it makes for a really good variety of Tea Theatre! If you’re a floral tea lover like me, you’ll be excited to try each one – Lily Heart & Jasmine Basket are the two I have enjoyed so far, and there’s also Perfect Rose, Melody and Oriental Beauty – all hand sewn and encapsulated in delicate leaves of Fujian spring harvest green tea. As well as lily, rose and jasmine, there are osmanthus, marigold, roselle and chrysanthemum flowers included. You can find out more details on each type of tea bulb and purchase them separately here.

The five all-stars

I think a picture/time lapse video is worth a thousand words when it comes to these lovelies, but don’t think they’re all style and no substance – after the magic unfurling you’re granted 450ml of light golden and delicately fragrant tea. I’m sipping upon some Jasmine Basket right now, and it’s very smooth, almost no astringency, and a jasmine-orchid kiss on the palate. 

Zero editing required on this beautiful Jasmine Basket
Or on the Lily Heart

I’d also like to give a shout out to the Easy Glass Teapot that completes this gift set – this may even replace my trusty French press, as it is so simple and gives any tea plenty of space to move around without having a really tricky filter or coil to clean afterwards – the tea largely remains in the pot to be disposed of, so a very quick rinse is all is would need (I’d include footage of me trying to clean out my usual metal basket infusers but it’s been censored for adult language and extreme peril). 

The Easy Glass Teapot, big fan

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, you’re guaranteed a gorgeous and extravagant tea experience with this fabulous set. 

If you’d like to enjoy 15% off your first purchase from The Tea Makers Of London, you can head to their website and scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up for the newsletter (I will not receive any commission for you doing this, it’s simply a bargain!)

One last close up of the Jasmine Basket



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